ABS AVVITO Company policy

Our business cannot be compared to that of importers of Asiatic products, since AB&S-AVVITO is the leader of about 70 between artisanal companies and micro industries established in Italy, each of which it is super specialized in a range of specific productions in the fasteners’ field (stud bolts, screws, bolts, nuts, washers and fasteners) with outputs “Taylor-Made” with an average working time between 30/60 days according to the processing and/or materials.

The policy of fast delivery cannot be applied to many manufactured items, on specific design, as the time required for the production must consider especially the wide variety of materials and additional treatments as well.

For this reason we do not have a standard sales price list, but quotations shall be made according to our Customers’ needs.


They are influenced by:
- Quantity
- Requested delivery time
- Type of material
- Treatment required
- And/or other

Our strong points are:
- Experience
- Seriousness
- Knowledge
- Innovation
- Deep care for Quality
- Safety
- On-time delivery
- Service of “PANIC DELIVERY"

Therefore, the production mainly takes place on Customer’s order and/or drawings and, later on, after completion of production,the respective treatments are added (with an additional 7/15 working days depending on the treatment/coating required).

This way the delivery times are bound by production and treatment times.

With this explanation we hope to have clarified the scope of our company’s operations and we hope to be able to conclude possible business with your Company.

Moreover we have a stock of warehouse of approximately 20/30.000 various articles with a weight of about 4,000 tons with raw finishing.