Forging 2

PRODUCTION UNITS / Forging 1 / Forging 2

Machine shop equipment list:

N.1Horizontal upsetter 9″ 2500 TON
N.1Horizontal upsetter 7″½ 2000 TON
N.1Horizontal upsetter 6″ 1600 TON
N.1Vertical press 4000 TON
N.1Screew press DELLAVIA diam. 300 mm
N.1Screew press FICEP diam. 250 mm
N.1Screew press DELLAVIA diam. 180 mm
N.1Hammer BECHÈ 25 TON
N.1Press 600 TON robotizzata

Current production
Hot forcing:

Studbolts, screews and fastenersSizes: min. 3 Kgs. max 130 Kgs.

Carbon steels
Alloy steels


Machine shop equipment list:

N.9 CNC lathes

Current production:
Hot forged products machinning
Sizes: min. 3 Kg. max 130 Kg.

In-shop laboratory tets on machined products:
Dimensional control carried outwith 3D instruments, digital profile gauges and roughness measurement devices

In-shop machines to carry out heating treatments:

N.2Electric furnaces with output of 300 Kw and 200 Kw
 for cycles of:
isothermal and globular annealing (9 Tons/day)
hardening in water and polymers (6 Ton/day)
N.2Sandblasting lines with cluster and carpet type machines:
 max size 2 mt length and 150 kgs weight

In-shop laboratory tests of treated materials:

BRINELL and ROCKWELL hardness test
Structural micrographic tests for acid attacks of the samples
Microscope with a video camera to document the structures of the treated steels

SOn request we can manufacture item different from the ones above indicated, if are suitable with the equipment listed.