Hot Dip Galvanized Treatment



Hot Dip Galvanizing the products we supply could not be a problem for your Company thanks to the brand new service we offer.
In fact, this kind of treatment, mostly known as HDG (Hot Dip Galvanization), brings with it lots of difficulties when it comes to keep a high quality level as demanded by the production and application standards.
We have found the perfect solution:
> guaranteed thickness according to the reference standards
> without pitches
> without black spots
> control to allow the perfect screwing of the nut
> inspection for the compliance of the reported tolerances, as indicated in the reference standards (without clearance between screw and nut; this last one, in fact, shall be easily screwed with hands, but it shall not be loose)

We can supply:
> screws and studs with nominal thread + HDG thickness with overtapped nut
> screws and undersize studs + HDG thickness for the nominal diameter with retapped nut maintaining its nominal diameter

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