All our products ( usually bolting material, but also other components such as bushes) can be protected/coated with polymer coatings based on PTFE, such as “XYLAN®” coatings  (WHITFORD’s TM). This kind of coatings has an anti-corrosion protective function and/or a minimum friction/galling coefficient.
These coatings, with a thickness of some millimetres tenth, are selected among different kinds or “compositions” according to the specific application and they have a high resistance with temperature from –60° C to 220° C.
A typical application is in the bolting material field: there are many kinds of products with a different corrosion resistance (for bolting material made of carbon and alloy steels), but it is also possible to apply the same coating on stainless steels in order to avoid the galling or the wear on threads when a number of screwing and unscrewing operation is applied.
Other more specific uses, with special Xylan® products, can be applied on different components (i.e. bushes) subject to friction, which need a protective film and a long-term lubrication.