Informative report under the close 13 of the Decree dated 30th June 2003 n°196 and Regulation 2009/136/EC of the European Parliament and Council dated 25th November 2009 Report of the Italian Data Protection Authority n°123 issued by the Official Journal on the 3rd June 2014

Report: Uses of the cookies by
This website or third parties tools used for its correct working make use of the required cookies for the right functioning of the system and necessary to the cookies policy. If you wish to receive more information or deny your approval to all or some cookies, please visit our website cookies policy. By clicking on “close”, continuing surfing in the web, scrolling this page or ignoring this banner, you accept the cookies installing. To account our services to be working properly and easy to use, this website makes use of cookies. Therefore, when one visits the website, a minimum quantity of informations is inserted in the User’s device, as small text files called “cookie”, that are backed up into the web browser’s directory of the User. There are different sorts of cookies, but essentially the main purpose of a cookie is that of making working more efficiently the website and to enable some given features.

What cookie are
We make use of cookies to improve the User’s Global Web Surfing. In detail:
They allow Web Surfing in working order from one page to another of the website. They register User’s name and the inserted personal settings (if these records are asked to the User and freely included bi himself). They allow to avoid including the same information (as user’s name and password if these records are required to the User and freely inserted by himself) over and over again during the visit. They control the services used by the users, thus enhancing the experience of web surfing and optimizing the same services as well. They display focused advertising data based on the interests and behavior showed by each User during the website surfing.

Cookie definition by italian Privacy Authorities
How can we avoid cookies storage on my computer?
It is necessary to set up preferences for the cookies on each browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari). There are different methods to manage cookies, for example: to enable or to disable totally the cookies; to remove default cookies that are already stored into the inner browser; to stop cookies storage on your own computer from specific websites; or to block third parties’ cookies (when, while surfing on a website, cookies are stored on your computer from another website).

To manage cookies on the main and more widespread browsers, visit the following links:
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari

How to find information about different types of Cookies?
In case of doubts or worries related to the use of cookies, it is always suitable to actuate in order to avoid unwelcome stings and access reading, for example by altering the privacy settings inside your own browser in order to stop certain types.  To know the features of each individual cookie, we invite you to refer to the following websites:
Your Online Choices

Owner of the Data protection
Mr. Paolo Caldera
Corporate registered address Strada del Francese 97/9a – 10156 TORINO (Italy)
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As the installation of Cookie and of other tracking systems worked from third parties through the services used inside this online area cannot be technically monitored by the Owner, any specific reference to Cookies and to the hosting device systems installed by third parties has to be considered approximate. To obtain complete information, please refer to the privacy policy of third parties services listed in this document. Considered the actual complexity linked to the identification of technologies based on Cookies and to their very strict integration with the website functioning, the User is asked to contact the Owner in case he wishes to obtain some detailed analysis concerning the application of the Cookies and the possible use of them – for example due to third parties – carried out through this website. This document refers to every online area (websites, operating systems, internet devices, etc.) and it belongs to the Owner. To obtain further information related to the devices connected to a particular area, the User is requested to directly contact the Owner for references given in the current document. .

Types of cookies
There are several types of cookies. Hereunder are reported the cookies’ models that we can use in the website with a description of the purpose linked to the use of them. Notice! The list could not be completed because of possible services changes made by third parties. Make reference to the related Privacy Policy for all details.

Technical Cookies
This type of cookies is necessary for the correct working of certain fields of the website. Cookies of this class include both lasting cookies and term cookies. In such a lack of cookies, the website or any parts of it could have reason of not operating properly. Therefore, they are always employed, regardless of user’s preferences. Cookies of this rank are always sent by our domain.

Analytical Cookies
This cookies are used to collect tips about the use of the website. The Owner has the use of such information for statistical analysis, to improve the website and simplify the use of it, beyond the control of the correct operation. This type of cookies gathers information together in an anonymous form about user’s activity in the website and in the way they’ve arrived into the website and inside the visited pages. Cookies of this rank are sent by the same website or by third parties domain.

List of third parties services activated on this website
Google Analytics (Google Inc.) with anonymous IP
It is used to calculate the visits on our website and for statistics on the use of it. It helps to improve the offered service. In this website Google Analytics has been set up to make IP anonymous, so we only could see joined information and not specific ones of your case.

Privacy Policy Opt Out Outlining Cookie of first section
These cookies are used to trace an outline related to the customer and to personalize the visualization of the website and connected communications to make them more suitable to the same User. This website does not use outlining cookies of first section for the integration of third parties features. Cookies of this type are used to integrate functionalities of third parties in the website (ei. forms for the remarks or icons of social network which allow users to share the content of the website). Cookies of this class can be sent from domains of the partner’s website or which offer features present in the website. The Owner informs that if you do not accept the installation of these cookies a few features of this website could not be able to work properly. The Owner reminds the User that is suitable to modify preferences related to cookies at any moment. It is also possible to override cookies from the browser in any moment, but this procedure could stop the User to use some of the website areas.

Once you have installed third parties cookies, in no way the Owner can cancel them directly. It is necessary login into the instruction page of the disclosure statement on privacy of every third parties website to remove related cookies on the basis of the browser’s specifications employed. These informative about the privacy can be different from those implemented by the Owner, which they do not apply to Third Parties Website.

According to the article 122 second paragraph of the legislative decree 196/2003, the consent at the application of certain cookies is stated by the person concerned through the individual setting opted freely for the employed browser for web surfing, being understood that the User’s authority has to notify in every moment to the Owner processing their own will with regard to data managed through cookies that the browser had already accepted..

Following a list of third parties services activated on this website:
Google Maps: Google cookie privacy policy
Skype Call Me (in inglese)