Niplon® Cheniflon®


Special metallic-polymer coating, such as “CHENIFLON®”:

This kind of coating has a specific use (provides a slow friction coefficient for a very long period of work) with bushes and similar components, which need a better performance than the “Xylan®” ones. “Cheniflon®” will provide for an excellent friction coefficient thanks to the dry self-lubricating action of Teflon particles. This feature will also offer many advantages in terms of anti-adhesion and slipping wear. This coating, usually of 25-30 microns, provides high mechanical and self-lubrificant actions, as well as a good corrosion resistance. It is strongly efficient at a temperature range included from – 190 °C to + 200 °C.
This coating is mainly used in food industry, but it is also applied for small parts production in chemical and energy fields..